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John Sturch. "A view of the Isle of Wight in four letters to a friend."

1878. Republished in 1979 by Judge and Stone. Illustrated by Peter Leath. This is number 297 of a limited edition of 300 copies. Green cloth covers with gilt titles and kept inside a similar slipcase. Both are in very good condition. £80.

George Brannon. "Vectis Scenery."

2002. Editor Robin McInnes. A faithful copy of the original work by George Brannon in 1865. The book is enclosed in a slip case. This particular copy is one of the author's proof copies. The boards are green with gilt titles and decoration, as is the slip case. Robin McInnes has signed the first free end-paper, of this his proof copy.. Both the book and case are in fine condition. £45.

Ian Sherfield. "East Cowes Castle. The Seat of John Nash Esq.""

1994. Cannon Press. A pictorial history of East Cowes Castle, beautifully illustrated with prints, photographs and plans. A very good copy in a similar dust-jacket. £18.

Paul Hyland. "Wight Biography of an Island."
1997. Dovecote Press. One of the most acclaimed books on the Isle of Wight to be published. Card covers in clean, uncreased condition without inscription to the inside. VGC. £8.
CWR Winter. "Manor Houses of the Isle of Wight."

1984. Dovecote Press. The author lists the 126 Manor Houses in the Island and has added a further 15 medieval manors. He has written a full and interesting account of 26 of them. The book is well illustrated. Signed by the author and the photographer. Green cloth covers and a dust jacket in very good condition. £60. A soft-back copy is also available.

Brian Hinton. "Wight. An Island from the Air."

1994. Island Books. Photographed by Brian Manby. Thirty five pages of aerial photographs of island towns and locations each with accompanying pages of descriptive text. Landscape card covers clean and uncreased in very good condition. £12. Also available a copy of the second flight with further content and in similar very good condition. £12.

Marion Brinton. "Farmhouses and Cottages of the Isle of Wight."
1987. IWCC Cultural Services Department. A description of the domestic rural architecture of the Island based on a comprehensive survey of buildings which predate 1840. Well illustrated in card covers, in good condition. £12
H.V. Basford. "The Vectis Report."

1980. Isle of Wight County Council. A survey of Isle of Wight archaeology. Maps figures and pencil drawings by Frank Basford. Chapters include, Background to the Isle of Wight, Archaeology of the Island, Special surveys, Land Management and a Gazetteer of sites. Card covers in a large format, 172 pages in very good condition. £12.

George Creasey. "A Farm Boy."

2004. Cross Publishing. This copy has been signed by the author. In the years before World War 11, a small boy on the Island discovers a world of inexhaustible fascination around him on the farm. The book provides an insight into the workings of an Island livestock farm during the 1930's. Book and dust-jacket in very good condition. £15.

Thomas Nelson & Sons. (Pub.) "The Isle of Wight in a Series of Views printed in oil colours."

No date. C1880. T. Nelson and sons. Landscape format, the larger of the two found. Twenty six views of the Island. Brown cloth covers with one plate laid down to the front cover. The covers are lightly worn, with a little foxing to the end-papers. The plates are fox free and the colours bright. A good tight copy. £80.

W.H. Davenport Adams. "Nelson's Handbook to the Isle of Wight."

1862. T Nelson & Son. First edition. The history, topography and antiquities of the Island especially adapted to the wants of the tourist and excursionist. There is a pull-out map of the Island in vgc, Green cloth covers with gilt titles to the front and spine. A very good copy. £45. Other later copies available.

R.J. Maycock and R. Silsbury. "The Freshwater, Yarmouth and Newport Railway."

2003. Oakwood Library of Railway History. This is the third book in the series of the history of the Isle of Wight railways. As in previous books in this series, the history of the company has been described in detail. Maps and the few surviving drawings have been reproduced, accompanied by a series of photographs of the railway prior to 1923. Both the book and the dust-jacket are in very good condition. £18.

Alan Hadcroft. "Seven Times a Prisoner."

1995. Republished in 2013 by Knight Writers. This is the tale of seven sisters who lived at East Upton on the outskirts of Ryde. They were forbidden to venture outside and their only companions were their cats. Several photographs of the location and signed by the author. A very good copy. £12.

Robin McInnes. "Isle of Wight Illustrated."

1989. Cross-print. Newport. With contributions by Andy Butler. Beautifully illustrated and with a really interesting appendix at the rear containing additional information about Isle of Wight pictures, books and prints not easily found elsewhere. Card covers in a very good clean and unmarked condition. £40.

Thomas Barber. "Barber's Picturesque Illustrations of the Isle of Wight."

1831. First edition. An ex-libris copy with a foxed title page, the remainder has minimal foxing. There is a fold-out map to the rear in very good condition. All the plates are present and tissue guarded. Red cloth with gilt titles. £40.

Ian Sherfield. "Electric Wight."

2012. Buckbury Publishing. An illustrated history of the Isle of Wight electricity supply. Dedicated to all who since 1899, have endeavoured to bring electric power to the Island. Brilliantly photographed and packed with information. 128 pages in card covers in a new condition. £12.

John L. Whitehead. "The Under-cliff of the Isle of Wight."

1911. Knights Library Ventnor. An ex-libris copy. Profusely illustrated with early photographs and including the fold-out at the front of the book which is complete. There are 414 pages. Black cloth covers with gilt titles to the spine. There are no inscriptions, a nice tight copy in very good condition. £75.

Keith Beken. "The Beken File."

1980. Channel Press. The book starts with, 'the good old days' and moves on through, air sea rescue, the Normandy invasion, the tall Ships and admirals Cup. It is all in here. Both book and dust-jacket are in very good condition. £10.

Michael Partridge. "The Royal Naval College Osborne. A History 1903-1921."

1999. Sutton Publishing. The Royal Naval College at Osborne was in operation from 1903 until 1921. Boys went there aged about 12 years and moved on to Dartmouth College to complete their training about two or three years later. The author examines the college organisation and structure, the selection process and the reasons for its closure in 1921. Illustrated with photographs. Both the book and dust-jacket are in very good condition. £15.

Robin McInnes. "The Garden Isle."

1990. Cross sprint. A circular tour of the Island in the tradition of the Victorian guidebooks. The book is in large format with watercolour drawings, oil paintings and engravings of Island scenery. Signed by the author. The book and the dust-jacket are both in very good condition. £15.

Roy Brinton. "Isle of Wight Century."
1999. Dovecote Press. There are one hundred and fifty photographs chosen by the author to portray 100 years of change in the Island. The events are faithfully recorded. The book and jacket are both clean, uncreased and in very good order. £12.
Colin Pope, Lorna Shaw and David Allen. "Isle of Wight Flora."
2003. The Dovecote Press. An account of the current and historic distribution of flowering plants, mosses and lichens etc throughout the Island. Lots of illustrations and photographs. An Isle of Wight flora lovers delight. A book in very good condition with a similar dust-wrapper. £25.
David Swinstead. "The Bembridge Redwings."

1997. Cross Publishing. This copy is numbered 313 of the 500 published. Beautifully illustrated by Cavendish Morton. This book is about the history of the 100 year old Bembridge Redwings a class of sailing boat, designed and raced off Bembridge. .With their graceful hulls and distinctive sails, they are a popular sight locally. Book and jacket are in vgc. £25.

Dom. S.F. Hockey (Ed.) "The Cartulary of Carisbrooke Priory."
1988. Isle of Wight County Records Office. Early medieval history of the Isle of Wight in great detail in this valuable volume of charters. The book and the dust-wrapper are both in very good condition. £15.
Paul Hooper. "Our Island. In War and Commonwealth."
1998. Cross Publishing. The Isle of Wight 1640-1660. One of the most turbulent periods of English history. The military, civic and church affairs in Island life are all covered here. This is a signed copy by the author in very good condition. £8
J Samuel White & Co. Ltd. "White's of Cowes Shipbuilders."
Nd c1950. J Samuel White & Co. Ltd. The history of the famous shipbuilding firm and it's shipyard founded in the Seventeenth century through to the 1950's is recorded here. Beautifully illustrated in silver and white boards. This book was never sold but was used as a presentation copy for clients and guests. This copy is in very good condition. £55.
"Red Funnel Steamers. An Illustrated Brochure."
1953. Red Funnel. A brief history of the service and their passenger ships, summer cruises, cargo and motor cars, tugs and tenders. Green card covers uncreased and in clean condition. £12
Brough Scott. "Galloper Jack."
2003. Macmillan. The story of Jack Seeley, the soldier, politician and statesman. His life was a huge adventure, sailing to the Antipodes, saving the crew of a shipwreck off the coast of the Isle of Wight and later raising troops for the Boer war. There are sections on his later political life and World War 11. He died in 1947. Illustrated. An exceptional read. Book and D/w both in very good condition. £12.
Fred Mew. "Back of the Wight."
1974. County Press. Yarns of wrecks and smuggling in the true tradition of the 'Back of the Island' This edition is a hardback copy with dust wrapper in very good condition at £6. There is a vg card covered copy also available at £4.
David J. Tomalin. "Roman Wight. A Guide Catalogue."
1987. Isle of Wight County Council. The book covers sites, finds and excavations. Both Newport and Brading Roman villas are included. There are lots of catalogue topics with the finds. Card covers clean and uncreased. In very good condition. £10.
Kevin Mitchell. "Newport Pubs."

2012. Kena Publishing. This is the third edition of the original 1999 publication. By the beginning of the 1900's Newport had numerous hostelries. Then they slowly but surely started to close and this book relates to those closures which were sometimes for the most strange of reasons. The book contains some rare photographs and maps. Card covers vgc. £15.

Kevin Mitchell. "Ryde Pubs."
2012. Kena Publishing. The third edition of the 1996 initial publication. Ryde is changing and so are its pubs. This is an illustrated history of those pubs which the author has updated the second edition with the inclusion of new photographs, material and maps. Card covers. New. £15.
Roy D. King and Kenneth W. Elliott. "Albany birth of a prison - end of an era."
1977. Routledge & Kegan Paul. Opened in 1967 as a medium security prison, it was described as the friendliest and most relaxed of the HMP's. Six years later it had been transformed into ' the jail of fear.' The implications and the experiences of both staff and inmates is reviewed here. Book and jacket in very good condition. £10.
E F Laidlaw. "A History of Isle of Wight Hospitals."
  1994. Cross Publishing. Dr Eric Laidlaw provides a series of fascinating snapshots of an important aspect of the Island's history. Some interesting maps of the locations of the smaller Island hospitals, ie Ryde Isolation Hospital. Hardback edition with laminated boards. In very good condition.£10.  
Brian Hinton. "Message to Love."
1995. Castle Communications. The Isle of Wight Festivals. 1968-1969-1970. Pop festivals of the late sixties were new and exciting. They weren't awfully well run and this was part of the magic. They are fondly remembered today and can never be repeated, try as we may. The author has captured the atmosphere brilliantly. Card covers in very good condition. £15.
Gideon Algernon Mantell. "Geological Excursions round the Isle of Wight."
1854. Henry G Bohm. Up until this time, no steps had been taken to establish an Isle of Wight collection of its geological finds, ie a museum. The contents provide hints for visitors with the description of many plates in the book. There are figures of fossilised shells and lots more. Packed with information. Red cloth covers with gilt titles to the spine. In vgc. £75.
Maldwin Drummond and Robin McInnes. "The Book of the Solent."
2001. Cross Publishing. Including the Isle of Wight Voyage. This beautifully illustrated book has been compiled with the additional assistance of a number of experts in their own rights. Coastal protection along the islands shoreline, is vital and the authors have brought to the fore the need to preserve our heritage. A lovely book in very good condition. £45.
David L Williams & Richard P. Kerbrech. "J.Samuel White & Co. Shipbuilders."
2012. The History Press. Whites built over one hundred ships and 201 seaplanes during World War One and during World War Two it was 317 ships. This book is packed full in its 176 pages with photographs. In very good condition. £12
Mick Bull. "Keep it on the Island."
1998. Biltmore. A history of football on the Isle of Wight between 1898 and 1998. Published to mark the centenary of the Isle of Wight FA. There are lots of old team photographs and club histories. Card covers in very good condition. £8.
Andrew Britton. "Once Upon A Line.( Volumes 1-4 1983-1994.)
1983-1994. Oxford Publishing Company. These four volumes are packed with stories, anecdotes and reminiscences of and about railway personnel from all the different Isle of Wight railways. The dust-jackets and books are in very good condition. £45 for the set.
Bill Shepard. "Newport Remembered."
1984. Isle of Wight Natural History and Archaeological Society. There is an introduction and early history by Dr. David Tomalin. Every aspect of Newport history is considered within the book and there is a chapter on most. Book and Dw VG £25
Marion Lane. "Piers of the Isle of Wight."
1996. Isle of Wight Council. The book starts with an interesting chronology of the principal Isle of Wight piers. The majority were built within a thirty year period in the late 1800's. There is history of the individual piers and all that went with them. Card covers in vgc. £10
Vicky Basford. "Historic Parks and Gardens of the Isle of Wight."
1989. Isle of Wight County Council. The author describes the valuable heritage of the historic parks and gardens within the Isle of Wight, including the lesser known gardens and those only open for a day or so a year. Illustrated with colour plates and illustrations in text. Card covers in very good condition. £8.

Brian Greening. "Within A Mile of Coppins Bridge."

2007. Crossprint. A nostalgic look at Newport from 1930 to 1960. Large format card covers, with 124 pages in very good condition. £8. A further selection of the authors many other Isle of Wight publications available on request.
Daphne Denaro Brooke-Smith & Susan Mears. "Brook A Village History. With Mottistone, Hulverstone & Chessell."
2010. Crossprint. This book offers an insight into the history of a small but unique place on the northwest corner of the island. There are over four hundred photographs that have been found in albums and attics. The memories of this isolated coastal community in the 19th and 20th centuries is recorded here. Large format card covers. 192 pages in vgc £15.
S.F. Hockey. "Insula Vecta."
1982. Phillimore. The Isle of Wight's medieval history is of particular interest. Almost every aspect of life in the Isle of Wight before Elizabeth 1st has been covered. Book and dust-wrapper in very good condition. £12.
E.F. Laidlaw. "The Story of the Royal National Hospital Ventnor."
1990. Published by the Author. The hospital was founded in 1868, the inspiration of Arthur Hill Hassall and for 80 years was a major factor in the life of the Island. Illustrated with photographs. Hardback in vgc is £10. The paperback is in vgc at £8.
Adrian Searle. "Isle of Wight at War. 1939-1945."
1989. Dovecote Press. The first book to document the history of the Isle of Wight in text and photographs during World War 2. Well illustrated with photographs. Book and dust wrapper in very good condition. £25.
A T Gilliam. "Wight Air Wrecks."
2002. Tempus. Many crashes were WW2 wartime, but many were peacetime too. This book is a definitive history of those crashes from pioneer days to the present. Card covers in very good condition. £12.
Rosetta Brading. "East Cowes and Whippingham, West Cowes and Northwood."
1990, 1993 and 1994. Published by the author. Includes all three volumes, East Cowes and Whippingham 1303-1914 and 1915-1939 and West Cowes & Northwood 1750-1914. Card covers. All three copies in very good condition. £12.
Robin McInnes. "A Picturesque Tour of the Isle of Wight."
1993. Cross Publishing. This is a subscribers limited edition numbered 568 of 750 and signed by the author. The book is an exciting look at the work of Charles Tomkins, beautifully shown and described here. A very good copy. £25.

A. Dabell. "Picturesque Excursions or Hand-Book to the Isle of Wight."

1994. Originally published in 1844, this is a special limited edition has been faithfully republished from the original to celebrate Blackgang Chine's 150th anniversary. Small card covers with forty five tissue guarded engravings. In very good condition. £15.
HRH Duchess of York & Benita Stoney. "Victoria and Albert - Life at Osborne House."
  1991. Weidenfeld and Nicholson. Royal family life from the early years of their marriage to Prince Albert's untimely death in their house, a monument to their life together. Both the book and the dust-jacket are in very good condition. £20
C.W.R. Winter. "The Ancient Town of Yarmouth."
1981. Isle of Wight County Press. Yarmouth is a town that holds itself in a special place in history as a unique port in the Isle of Wight. Illustrated with photographs. Book and dust-wrapper both in very good condition. £15.
Ward Lock & Co. (Pubs.) "The Isle of Wight."
1927-1928.Twentyfirst edition, with over one hundred illustrations, a map of the island and street plans of Island towns. These annual guides were published from the 1870's through to 1981. They were revised and updated every year and form a very important record of the changing face of the Isle of Wight over a 100 year period. This copy is in very good condition. £12. Other copies from the other years available.
Vic King, Mike Plumbley and Pete Turner. "Isle of Wight Rock."
1994. Isle of Wight Rock Archives. The music anthology of the Isle of Wight rock scene from the 1950's to 1994. Busting with information on the bands, the players and the music. Well photographed throughout. Large format protected card covers. 168 pages in very good condition. £80.
Raymond L Wheeler. "From River to Sea."
1993. Cross Publishing. The history of the company from 1830 to the published day. The story of consuta and all that followed. From the start on the Thames at Goring with riverboats to the move to the Isle of Wight and what followed. Book and jacket in very good condition. Scarce, £35..
A.E.Tagg and R.L.Wheeler. "From Sea to Air."
1989. Cross Publishing. The story of the maritime heritage of Sam Saunders. The book traces the history of the East Cowes firm of Saunders Roe from the late 1920's when the company was formed. This copy and it's jacket are in very good condition. £15.
Eric Bird. "The Shaping of the Isle of Wight."
1997. Ex-Libris Press. Features maps and diagrams and 67 photographs with tables, notes and references. Includes an excursion guide around the coast and inland. Card covers in a very good clean condition. Becoming hard to find. £15.

Sarah Burdett. "The Book of Whippingham."

2006. Halsgrove. Whippingham was Queen Victoria's Island village. The village became the centre of the royal estate at Osborne, supporting both Osborne House and neighbouring Barton Manor. The book helps to shed some light on the rich history of Whippingham and life in the village. Book and dust-jacket both in very good condition. £15.


This is just a taste of Isle of Wight books available from Please don't hesitate to ask if you are looking for another title. There are hundreds of books and booklets in to hand.

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